Israel Custom Group Tours

We at Isram Israel invite you to visit Israel with us, to experience this remarkable land spiritually, educationally, physically and emotionally. The Isram Israel staff is committed to facilitating and implementing tailor-made experiential/educational visits to Israel which provide opportunities to strengthen participants’ understanding of history, deepen their religious identity and interact with the people who live in this land. The company is committed to quality programming, reasonable costs and superior logistical services while maintaining a firm commitment to the safety and security of all participants.

Working in coordination with the head of the congregation or organization, we develop tailor-made programs that match the needs, interests, age and budget of the participants.  Isram Israel programs integrate various themes and activities to create a powerful educational and spiritual experience. These include:

  • touring biblical and historical sites with a tour guide/educator
  • hiking the land
  • experiencing the desert both during the day and at night
  • participating in a social action project
  • learning about Israel today
  • meetings with entrepreneurs, journalists and politicians
  • time to process, internalize and discuss the experience at various times throughout the program
  • participating in Sabbath service and hospitality in Israeli homes for traditional Sabbath dinner
Isram Israel programs are not simply powerful tourist trips or pilgrimages to the holy land; rather, they offer the potential for participants to undergo a transformative experience which will impact them for the rest of their lives.


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