Terms & Conditions

Land & Cruise Services

Hotels: Twin – and/or Double-bedded, run-of-house rooms (unless specific room category is indicated) with private facilities. Tour Operator reserves the right to substitute hotels of similar category. Standard checkin time is 3:00pm. Standard checkout time from hotels is 11:00pm–12:00 Noon. Guests checking out later are charged a full night’s rate.

Note: Late evening departures are counted as a night in the publication of our tours when hotel checkout is after 12:00 Noon. Third Bed in Room: there are no “triple-size” rooms on any program listed in this brochure. A third bed (rollaway) may be added in some rooms. Prices are available upon request. We do not recommend such accommodations for adults.

Meals: As indicated on each itinerary. Lunches or Dinners at hotels are table d’hôte and limited to specific dining rooms unless otherwise indicated.


By comfortable, guided cars, microbus, minibus or motorcoach. While the best available air-conditioned vehicles have been contracted for all tours, during summer seasons, certain areas in Jordan and Egypt may experience extremely high temperatures, limiting the air-conditioning capabilities of utilized vehicles. There are no refunds if such circumstance arises, which is beyond the control of the Tour Operator. Private car tours utilize a variety of late model vehicles in accordance with the standards within each destination, subject to availability.

Some tours are based on minimum group size. In the event a tour must be cancelled for lack of participation, you will be advised at least 30 days prior to departure.

The “Holyland Pilgrimage” is not an Isram Israel Exclusive program. It is operated by standard, locally scheduled touring with English speaking guides.

Please Note: During certain seasons tours may operate with fewer passengers than what would normally constitute a “group.” While many passengers consider this is a definite advantage, there are others who do prefer to travel in larger groups. We will be happy to advise you of the approximate number of passengers booked on your tour, if you contact us 30 days in advance of your departure. However, please bear in mind that often the passenger count may fluctuate up until arrival date in the destination.

Jordan: Tours in Jordan are operated by private cars, microbus or minibus with driver. Local guides are used at specified sites per itinerary. With minimum 4 passengers, sightseeing includes services of private guides. The “Israel & Jordan” tour include a private guide throughout Jordan. All Petra one-day tours by bus, including the over day Petra excursion on the “Israel Plus Eilat & Petra Tour”, utilize standard, locally scheduled touring companies with English-speaking guide. Maximum number of participants is not limited.

Nile Cruises: All accommodations are standard outside cabins. Choice of decks not available. All shore excursions are included. All cruise companies reserve the right to substitute vessels or alter itineraries without prior notice.

Sequence of Tour Programs: During periods of conventions, congresses, holidays, special events and any unforeseen circumstances, the Tour Operator may have to make last-minute changes (subsequent to issuance of “final itinerary”) in the sequence of the tour. Tours operating during holiday periods may have changes in hotels, sightseeing, city sequences and/or inclusions. the sequence of the tour. Tours operating during holiday periods may have changes in hotels, sightseeing, city sequences and/or inclusions.

Transfers and Porterage

Transfers to/from airports, hotels, trains/ports and border crossings are included as specified in the published itinerary, provided passengers’ days of arrival and departure coincide with their published tours. Alterations to the itineraries result in supplements for private taxi services. Due to government and international regulations, porters may not be allowed inside the customs and security areas of the airport. At the Israeli-Jordanian borders, please pack light, as luggage carts are not always available.

General Air Information

Air Transportation

Isram Israel can provide air transportation in conjunction with all land tours, based on the lowest applicable airfares on all IATA and participating carriers, subject to the rules and regulations of the class, fare and service of the individual airline. Should airline schedule changes result in a necessity to alter the land arrangements, any additional expense must be borne by the passenger.


Please contact your airline or refer to its website for detailed information regarding your airline’s checked baggage policies. Airline policies vary and may change at any time. Isram Israel is not responsible for any excess luggage/ weight charges levied by an airline.

Baggage insurance is highly recommended, as we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged luggage or personal items. Only one suitcase per person is permitted on all motorcoach and private car tours.

Booking Procedures


All Programs: A deposit of $500 per person together with optional insurance (see page 97) must be received within 7 days of booking date. The balance is due for land arrangements not later than 60 days prior to departure. (Holiday periods and High Season, 90 days prior.) During heavily booked periods, suppliers may require additional or full payment in advance of the normal due date in order to guarantee materialization of the rooms/cabins. Cancellation and/or penalty conditions may also be revised at such time. You will be individually advised should such circumstances arise which is beyond our control.

All Independent Programs: A deposit of $150 per person together with optional insurance must be received within 7 days of booking date. The balance is due 21 days prior to departure. For Holiday periods and High Season, deposits and final payment procedures may vary and will be advised accordingly.

Hotels Only: A $15 per person “Land Only” fee will be assessed if reservations are for less than a 5-night stay. Travel agents may book on line to avoid this fee. Go to www.isramexpress.com.

Important: Reservations are not considered firm until deposit is received or they will be automatically cancelled. Late payments may necessitate overnight delivery of documents, an expense that must be borne by the passenger.

Credit Card Payments
Deposits and final payments for all ground arrangements can be made by major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) for all programs.

Credit card charges will not be processed without a signed authorization form and copy of the page in your passport bearing your name, date of birth, and your signature.

Change Fee: Subsequent to initial reservation, one revision will be accepted without a processing fee. Further revisions will incur a $25 change fee per booking per country for each revision. Once final documents have been issued, a $50 processing fee will apply per booking.

Cancellation Penalties Prior to Departure–
Per Person, Per Scheduled Country

All Land Programs:
Up to 60 Days……………………………………….. $200
59–45 Days………………………………………….. $300
44–31 Days………………………………………….. $400
30–16 Days………………………………………….$700*
15 Days or less……………………… from 50% to 100%*
*Private Car Supplement or Private Car Tours: when touring by private car, penalties are double the amount shown above from 30 days or less.

Nile Cruise Tour:
Up to 60 days……………………………………….. $200
59-45 days……………………………………………. 50%
44-days or less………………………………..75%-100%

Additional penalties apply for inter-Egypt flights.
Insurance premiums are never refundable.

Tours Operated By Private Vehicle:

Your program cost is priced based on the number of passengers in your touring vehicle as per the reservation. Should any member of your party cancel their participation in the tour, the package price or car supplement price will increase according to the number of remaining passengers touring in the vehicle. Purchase of insurance may not cover the additional cost incurred by each of the remaining passengers who wish to continue touring in a private vehicle. Should the remaining passengers wish to alter their program and participate instead in the group-touring program (where offered and available), additional cancellation penalty will apply for the private car and will be advised separately.

Israel Independently Section

Unless otherwise advised, a 1-2 night hotel penalty (per room) may be charged for cancellation 7 days or less prior to arrival (except for Holiday periods and High Season when more restrictive conditions may apply and will be advised as communicated to Isram Israel).

Self-Drive Car Rental (in conjunction with hotel packages): A 2-day rental fee may be charged for cancellations 7 days prior to rental. For Peak Periods (including July & August) cancellations can be up to 75%.

All Airline Tickets issued in conjunction with tours in the brochure (international and domestic sectors within each country) are subject to air penalties, per individual carrier’s rules and regulations which will be applied in addition to above land or cruise penalties.

We recommend the purchase of Trip Cancellation Insurance to cover Cancellation Fees.

Unused Services: No refunds will be made for any unused services on any guided tours. Refunds for independent “Hotels Only” arrangements will only be made for the hotel and rent-a-car portion and will carry a $45 processing fee in addition to any applicable cancellation charges imposed by the supplier. Such requests must be approved, documented and submitted not later than 45 days after trip returns. No refunds will be made after commencement of travel for unused hotels on Hotel Special Packages.

Any and all refund requests for cancellation or otherwise are assessed a 3% processing fee of the amount to be refunded in addition to the penalties indicated.

Passports & Visas:

Every participant on our tours must be in possession of passport valid for at least six months from day of return to the U.S.

Jordan: Please refer to visa requirements as indicated for your tour choice. No refunds are made for passengers denied entry to Jordan for lack of visa.

Egypt: Visas are required and can be secured upon arrival at Cairo airport at an additional fee, if passengers hold a U.S. or Canadian passport. Passengers with other passports, please inquire.

Passengers with Special Needs: Tour programs listed in this brochure require participants to be in stable and good physical and mental health, confident in their ability to undertake all activities on the tour chosen, in order to thoroughly enjoy the travel experience. Due to safety issues it is requested that physical disabilities of any kind be advised at time of reservation. It is understood that passengers requiring special attention or treatment will be traveling with a companion. As most tours visit areas with high temperatures during several months of the traveling season and often involve walking on unleveled terrain, wheelchair participants or those with physical limitations would not benefit from these programs due to the special pace required to complete the activities set for each day. Our travel experts will be very helpful in determining alternative travel arrangements by Private Car suitable to your special needs. A traveling companion is always required for wheelchair passengers in private cars. Supplements for wheelchair rental applies. Guide in Private car will not be able to handle the wheelchair during the tour, except with the loading and unloading into the vehicle.
On all Isram Israel Tour programs, we reserve the right to terminate the tour of any persons who we find are disruptive to the rest of the participants or to the smooth operation of the tour.

Our Prices Do Not Include

Tips: Prior to departure, a detailed guideline of suggested or required tipping will be sent to you.

Passports, baggage insurance, beverages, after dinner coffees and teas and all other items of a personal nature are not included. Airfare, Fuel Surcharges, Airport Taxes, Customs, Immigration Fees and Border Crossing Fees, are not included.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included in our prices. Passengers who are in possession of an Israeli Passport (including those with dual citizenship) may be subject to a 17% VAT charge (at time of printing) levied in Israel at the hotels or by the car rental company. It must be paid, if requested, directly. Please note that Isram Israel assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any charges to your account made by the hotel or the car rental company for VAT. Please be sure to retain the stamped entry permit slip that you receive at the passport control counter upon arrival in Israel. This indicates your VAT exemption status (Tourist Passports only eligible) at hotels and for car rentals. Keep it in your passport until your departure from Israel.

Land Rates do not include flights between one country and another, or domestic flights within the country, unless otherwise indicated.


We recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance before departure. Neither Isram Israel nor your travel agent is responsible for luggage loss or damage, accidents en route, or ill health which may require you to miss part of your trip or your return to the U.S. with the group. Insurance premiums are nonrefundable.


The Travel Agent and/or Tour Operators, Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. and its representatives abroad, act only as agents for the various companies, owners or contractors providing the means of transportation, accommodation and other services. Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. does not own, manage, control, promote, run or operate any transportation or recreational vehicle, motel, hotel, restaurant, or any supplier of services. All exchange orders, coupons and tickets are offered subject to the Terms & Conditions under which such services are offered or provided. Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. and its representatives assume no liability with respect to any negligence or malfeasances by third-party service providers, whether during the course of the provision of transportation, hotel, and other accommodation services, or otherwise, and are not responsible for any personal injury, illness, or property damage or any other loss or expense whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the actions of thirdparty service providers or their individual agents in connection with a tour. Further, by participating in an Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. tour, you are bound by our rules and you participate in the activities of the tour at your own risk. Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. assumes no responsibility at all and no liability at all for any death, injury, illness, quarantine, sickness, diseases, natural disaster, damage, loss, delay, accident, expense, defect or any other abnormality which may result from your participation in any activity during the tour. The aforesaid Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. and/or their agents can accept no responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due, as well, to delays or changes in schedules or departures, hotel overbookings, defaults, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantines, riots or insurrections or criminal acts committed by third parties, political disorders of any type, or other such similar causes. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger.

Each exchange coupon, order and ticket is to be regarded as one contracted on or in behalf of the particular company or person named in it. The passenger contract in use by the airline or steamship company concerned, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract of air or steamship passage with the purchases of these tours and/or the Passenger. The airline companies concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their planes or conveyances. The right is reserved to withdraw any tour announced in this Program and to make such alterations to the itineraries as may be found desirable for the proper carrying out of the tours. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable in the Tour Operator’s discretion to alter the arrangements or itineraries for the passenger’s comfort or welfare for any reason whatsoever, such alterations may be made without penalty to the Operator. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the Passengers. The right is reserved to decline, to accept, or retain any person as a member of any group at any time. This program is issued on the sole responsibility of the Tour Operator. It is not issued on behalf of and does not commit any Airline whose services are used in the course of the tours. It is agreed by and between the passenger(s) and Isram (Israel) Touring, Ltd. that all disputes and matters whatever arising under, in connection with or incident to this agreement shall be litigated, if at all, in and before a court located in The City of New York, New York State, U.S.A., to the exclusion of the courts of any other city, state or country. The issuance and acceptance of tickets and/or other documents in connection with a tour is considered acceptance of the above terms.

Special Notice: Delays, cancellations and overbookings may occur on air flights, cruises, and land reservations by the participating carriers and hotels. While Isram Israel will do everything possible to avoid these inconveniences, it cannot and will not assume responsibility for the respective carriers and hotels.

Prices presented in this brochure are based on currency exchange rates in effect November 2016. All suppliers of services reserve the right to increase rates due to currency fluctuations, which may necessitate a change to the prices of your services.

While every attempt is made to provide for accuracy in the inclusions and pricing of the programs featured, Isram Israel reserves the right to correct any misprints or price updates in its publications with written notice to the traveler. In the event that a correction entails additional cost or curtailed services, the traveler will be offered the opportunity to alter the services or withdraw from the tour.

Isram Israel ©2017 All Rights Reserved. The Itineraries and Programs described herein are unique and proprietary to Isram Israel and any misappropriation of same is strictly forbidden.

How To Book: Isram Israel believes that your travel needs can best be served by booking your arrangements through a professional travel agent. Have your travel agent call weekdays between 9am–5:30pm (Eastern Time) for reservations and/or information: (844) 947-7235.

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