Custom Private Car Tours

Our team of Destination Experts specializes in creating custom designed  programs  to suit you and your clients’ specific needs. Our custom programs are  designed with you in mind – your travel style, your hotel choice and your area of  interest. Whether this is your 1st time or 50th time (yes! People do keep coming  back again and again) we will create the perfect trip to this incredible  destination.

While Israel is best known for its religious and historic significance; it is a  country for everyone. Its contrasting landscapes are a sight to behold – from the  arid Judean and Negev Deserts, to the magnificent Mediterranean and Red Sea  coastlines with its gorgeous beaches, to the lush and bountiful greenery of the  Galilee, Israel is all encompassing. Simply put, it satisfies all your senses.

Our custom private tours are for individuals traveling on their own. They’re for  couples and friends. They’re for families seeking to learn about their heritage or  families celebrating milestones. They’re for parties of 1 to parties of 100.

For Private touring with your own Private Guide focusing on our popular Escorted Group Touring programs please CLICK HERE.

Isram Israel has been bringing visitors to Israel for almost half a century. Give our Destination Experts a call and let us help you plan your visit.