What is included in your insurance?

We recommend that you purchase adequate and comprehensive insurance before departure. A comprehensive Travel Protection Plan offered by Trip Mate Insurance is available with all of our tour programs. The insurance covers the following: Accidental death and dismemberment: medical expense and emergency assistance; trip cancellation and interruption; trip delay; baggage loss and delay; 24 hour emergency assistance. Additional information will be sent with your initial invoice regarding costs according to your tour program. Click here to view detailed information

Do you accept children on Isram Israel Tours?

On many tours, we do accept children and offer children's discount. And, we recently have developed many family vacations with special prices for children. In some cases, and in some destinations, children should be over the age of eight. Of course, we can customize a tour, designed for your specific needs and the ages of the children.

Do you accept credit cards as deposits and payments for your brochure and custom tours?

The following credit cards are accepted for deposits and full payments: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Do I need a Visa to visit Israel?

Americans, Canadians and citizens of most western countries need only a valid passport to come to Israel; no visa is required. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you enter the country. A tourist visa, valid for a 3-month stay, will be issued upon entry to Israel.

I'm not receiving my emails from Isram Israel?

Make sure your Isram Israel emails always go straight to your inbox. Add us to your address book. Need Help?

What is the difference between a brochure tour and a custom tour?

A brochure tour offers set departure dates, itineraries and prices based on group participation. A custom tour is designed to meet your special needs and interests. Often, this will include all of the features of a group tour, but usually tailored for smaller groups from 2-15 participants.

When is payment due for my tour? Do you have any cancellation fees?

Please see the General Information section in our Isram Israel brochure, which outlines the payment dates as well as the cancellation fees for each tour.

Where can I rent a phone for Israel?

Many are now using their own cell phone provider’s services to tap into special deals allowing them to utilize their own mobile phones abroad. Don’t forget the various apps (Whatsapp, Viber, etc.) allowing you to stay connected without extra cost as long as you’ve arranged for international service to be available during your trip. Feel free to use the services of IsraelPhones for your cellular phone rental or for the purchase of a SIM card. Call 1-800-897-9393 or go to http://www.israelphones.com/IsramIsraelUSA.htm

Can we save and have the kids stay in the room with us?

A Third bed (roll-a-way) or a pull-out love seat is available in all our hotels for one child to join the parents. For a family of 4, few hotels provide 4 in a room (2 must be children). While there is some savings, the comfort factor may not make it worthwhile as the room sizes are not as big as your traditional USA hotels. Special rates are available for the child as third in room or for a family of 4 (connecting rooms are available as an alternative).

Can I take your group tour but in a private car just for us?

Absolutely! And best of all, you’ll be able to take advantage of the group rates at the hotels, while touring in your own private vehicle with private guide. There are some significant advantages in this, one of which is total flexibility. You are able to change the site inclusions as much as you like. For example, if you are an art lover and would like to visit some more of the fantastic art museums and galleries within each city, we’d be happy to do this. We only ask that you stay within the timing of the tour day and pay the required entrance fee (if any). Otherwise, the guide is always ready to enhance your experience customizing it to your own personal interests. Click here for details.