Israel Rhapsody – Wednesday Departures (10 Nights) Tour Dates: 05/02/2017 to 05/09/2018

Prices start at: $3265


Israel…Plus Eilat and Petra – Friday Departures (11 Nights) Tour Dates: 05/05/2017 to 05/11/2018

Prices start at: $3655


Discover the Holy Land by Private Car (10 Nights) Tour Dates: 05/01/2017 to 04/30/2018

Prices start at: $4110


Isram Tours

Founded in 1967, Isram Israel is one of the largest tour operators and wholesalers for incoming tourism to Israel and one of Israel’s  top destination management companies.  Isram Israel has representatives in New York and its management office in Tel Aviv. Our teams work seamlessly together to ensure the best travel experience for you and your client.

Whether you’re in the market for a 13 night escorted group tour, a private customized tour experience or a couple of nights hotel package, our team of top notch travel experts provide detailed information about each of the travel options that are best-fit for you or your client.

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